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Support system,

yes they are!

Antara tujuh golongan yang mendapat syafaat di padang mahsyar ialah golongan yang bersahabat kerana Allah!

InshaAllah.InshaAllah :)

may im the one who always being a supporter for them too.trying.sure im not perfect, prefect perhaps.tehee

May peace be upon you!

sms delivered , silap timing

A night AFTER finishing final sem to miscom..haha

Learning isn't easy
Frustration tends to set in quickly
You hurts, you feal defeated
You wanna give up, to quit
You wanna walk away and pretending it doesnt matter
But you wont
Because you are not a loser
You are a fighter
We have to lose something before we can win
We have to cry sometimes before we can smile
We have to hurt before we can be strong
If you keep on working and believing
You have victory in the end..

-Syarfina Syahida Abdul Yamin

Turunnya 16 ayat AQ , kisah Abdullah Ummi Maktum :)

Pinjam jap 3 minit 29 saat, do watch this video!

InshaAllah, kita lebih daya dan upaya fizikal berbanding Abdullah Ummi Maktum kan?

Apa salahnya, pinjam semangat beliau! :D

Esok exam med term.oh bukan mid term.tapi medical terminology 15 minit ,marks campur 12% dalam modul 1 tahun lepas.hihi
*15% =.="


 not just even rainbow
in the dark it glow
 to choose the special one;how did you know?
Deep in your heart it melt slow

Same goes to friend,

Banyak warna, warna yang menenangkan , itu yang anda suka.