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Orthopedic and Instagram

Throwback Orthopedic posting in one of government hospitals.

Dalam posting ortho ni, ada session physiotherapy yg mana diajar oleh ortho specialist sub specialist in sports medicine. And lagi satu radiology (specific for ortho cases only). Yang best nya rehab centre dia quite besar and of course full with physio student. Radiology posting pun dah lepas ,so advantage sikit masuk this time its just like revision to us.

Sejak dari kes terpanggil Dr A ( dr yg ajar radiology) as patient, still saya rasa itulah moment paling win , joke of the year.

Waktu kelas Dr A, biasalah radiology department mestilah bilik gelap banyak xray ahaha.So haritu Dr tunjuk Xray film ortho case yang rasanya tak terkira banyaknya because it takes about 2hrs plus. Dr cakap haa tengoklah sampai muntah.

Dr showed to us a film, and he asked the condition and diagnosis. Students will describe and diagnose it, or at least just guess where are the findings. Kalau sampai dah nak tembus dinding tengok film tu cari it…