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Farewell OB !

From 5.30 pm till 9.30pm


I dont want to write about what had happened yesterday.

inshaAllah biiznillah

We met each other plus minus almost a year ago, Allah had prepared the best love story for us

Best team !

Inspired song : akhawat to akhawat

Someone share this song to me.
Someone that i knew from others
Someone that im adore
Someone that having serious expression
Someone that actually love to laugh
Someone that i dont ever imagine to be with

That someone that can't be two or three.

Syukran for this.
You know who you are.As long as you come across and read my blog which i bet you don't.Haha.

Someone that i sayang lillah.

I knew that you will miss me one day as you'd having your own family.
The 'taqwa' one isn't?


UTI yaw!

"Minum air sehari kena 2 liter"

"Alaa.winter winter ni minum banyak nanti "urinate" banyak.hehe"

"Minum la air suam, kalau minum air sejuk memang la lepas minum ja rasa nak ter "urinate" "

"Aaaa.malas laa.Minum sikit ja."

"Tak "urinate" , toxic banyak dalam badan, nanti boleh dapat jangkitan kuman dalam saluran kencing"


This is my conversation with ummi.

Oh well, ngam pulak dengan module yang tengah belajar sekarang which is Urinary module.Haha.

Toxic dalam badan tak excrete > alter pH > opportunity to certain bacteria to grow

Well, shes my ummi !