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Am i too heartless ?


Today, as usual .My on-call time started early in the morning. I ask Allah that i can witness many deliveries. :)

As i am concern with you guys (to understand more about what im talking about instead of using jargons) i will write it in malay.

Sampai hospital, changing scrub. Wear crocs. Lihat pada papan kenyataan. Satu cesarian section terlepas.
But there are few patients waiting for their turn.

"InshaAllah, ada patient harini " .

Senyum.Ada sinar harapan.Hehe.

Lepas berjaya mintak permission dari husband and his wife, we managed to observe it.
One delivery.Done.

Berjalan balik ke board untuk make sure tak terlepas any deliveries.

"Puan X, Primigravida (first pregnancy) " said one of my friends while reading the board.

"Eh, Puan X.Macam kenal.Pernah buat PE(physical examination kat perut mainly) kat dia."

Then lari ke labour room.Masuk.

Yes.Betul tekaan.

Puan X yang ana pernah jumpa, bertanya soalan dan periksa perut(kandungan) beliau.

Tiba-tiba doktor c…

"Aurat VS Darurat" in O&G

Bismillah :)

I have wrote this and i want to make it as facebook status.But it may be quite sensitive issue.So i just want to share here.

Most of us unconsciously just pretending to put the religion as it is the first thing that we concern the most .But please just accept that, it is NOT.

Why i said so ?

As im in Obstetric & Gynaecology round (in simplest to understand, pregnancy related,delivery,babies,menses,women problem lah).Okay ? Hehe. So , that day when there was an issue popped out about " Aurat VS Darurat".Yes, patient do have rights.Even we do.As a medical student, we honourly respect it. We feel please whenever given an opportunity to observe them (ladies) either to deliver or to do vaginal examination.Let we discuss that "observe" particularly, seeing how do they deliver and of course we have to observe the women's private part . But of course with the most pure intentions ,to seek knowledge and learn. Personally, even im a girl, i had an exper…