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First impression won't last.

It's been a long time,
here goes my story.

Judging and having a bad impression towards peoples that looks not good in our eyes , is totally a wrong concept and a must change behavior.


Patient presented with shortness of breath. Generally looking, the patient's skin is full with generalized multiple reddish pink , round macules lesion.

"Patient ni sure immunocompromized ni...."

*Usually patient will get into immunocompromized when they are HIV/AIDS , iv drug user, on chemotherapy and few other conditions.

" Encik, encik ada apa-apa penyakit tak sebelum ni ?"

"Tak ada apa-apa doktor.Saya sihat saja"

"Kulit ni dah berapa lama jadi macam ni?"

"Baru saja 2 3 bulan...saya jumpa doktor di klinik private"


Small little boy came into the room.Together with his mother. As i stood from far, i thought of blood is coming out from his nose.Oh i mean dried post-bleed. I gave a smile to him. And i was laughed into myself as he will no…