First impression won't last.

It's been a long time,
here goes my story.

Judging and having a bad impression towards peoples that looks not good in our eyes , is totally a wrong concept and a must change behavior.


Patient presented with shortness of breath. Generally looking, the patient's skin is full with generalized multiple reddish pink , round macules lesion.

"Patient ni sure immunocompromized ni...."

*Usually patient will get into immunocompromized when they are HIV/AIDS , iv drug user, on chemotherapy and few other conditions.

" Encik, encik ada apa-apa penyakit tak sebelum ni ?"

"Tak ada apa-apa doktor.Saya sihat saja"

"Kulit ni dah berapa lama jadi macam ni?"

"Baru saja 2 3 bulan...saya jumpa doktor di klinik private"


Small little boy came into the room.Together with his mother. As i stood from far, i thought of blood is coming out from his nose.Oh i mean dried post-bleed. I gave a smile to him. And i was laughed into myself as he will not see my face but just a face-mask.Lol me.

"Apa jadi ye mak ?"

"Oh macam ni, Saya baru ambil dia dari Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.Tengok tengok dah jadi macamni. Tangan mulut kaki.dalam hidung macam ada nanah jugak.Dia taknak makan sebab sakit "

"Erm.. ok..Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat..macam mana tu ye?"

I came closer and looked into mom. I nodded. And in my mind was thinking of " dia ambil anak angkat lah kot ni "

Mother explained " Sebenarnya mcam ni. Saya masuk lokap 7 hari. Lepastu JKM ambil anak saya jaga. Lepastu saya dah keluar ni saya baru ambil dia dah jadi macamni"

I nodded a few times.

I saw a honey comb crusted lesion around the oral and inside of both nostril. No ulcer inside the mouth.

It was a staphylococcus infection and do not misdiagnosed as hand foot mouth disease.

Contagious one !

Wash hands.


Patient Cerebral Palsy came in with fitting non stop for about 30minutes plus.
He came together with mom, grandmother and a maid.
I look at them.

Erm, okay.How does the child became a CP ?
Im just thinking of infection while there were etiologies antenatal, during birth and post natal.

"Memang dia CP dari kecil ke macam mana?"

"Oh ya.Memang since birth. I got breathlessness, my blood pressure was high, and the Dr gave me nebulizer as he thought im having asthma. I collapsed after that.And dia tak tahu i was pregnant at that time"

Okay."Baby got hypoxic".


Dont jump into conclusion too fast. We might mislead the truth.
Just simply open your mouth and ask.
People might not say or tell anything in the first place as they may think or find you as a strangers.
Take a time.

One friend of mine who want to clerk this one guy who is having diabetic foot ulcer at very young age. 30s. It is young i guess. He was rejected by that guy so many times. He said maybe patient is a little bit  depressed. So, everyday he went to that guy's bed and just say " Assalamualaikum, macam mana harini? okay? " . That guy just nodded his head without saying a word.

Till our very last day in that hospital, my friend came to us and smile " Finally, patient nak cakap dengan aku ! " .He just went into that guy bed as usual. Pretending to read a patient's report. And suddenly patient said to him " Erm.dah banyak hari dah saya nampak Dr datang dekat katil saya. Sebenarnya dulu, saya rasa doktor ni semua takda apa-apa. Saya merendahkan kerjaya doktor ni.Tapi bila saya duduk lama dalam ward, saya tengok Dr yang sama datang dekat pesakit, tak makan lagi, baju tak bertukar lagi..Sekarang saya respect kerja Dr.Tak peduli hal sendiri, patient dia lagi penting"

And i was so touched listening to that guy story.

I always said to anyone



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