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Either you believe or deny, in fact we are His slaves!


Bismillah.In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah li haza ni'mah.

 I had read those.Yes I did.And i know the writer didnt know and aware about it.

Once its happen.It will remains.Deep in my heart.Yes.Deeply its hurt but i must control my anger, my sense,my emotion to make sure it stable at that time.

Only Allah knows me one else.

Im not sure why i felt so sad, down of course.Maybe it was from a creation called human, and specifically or virtually as friend.


Abah had been transferred to JB.And ummi still stay at Kedah.Too many things to settle down as una and adik will having their spm and pmr respectively.But im sure all will be fine InsyaAllah as my sister will be 1 or 2 months off so that she will accompany ummi at home and help anythings as there are many things to help on.haha.doing housechores is the most important issue.hehe.


Ucare works.Passport and visas things.
Alhamdulillah.All Praise to Allah as He reply upon my du'aa.To …

Tak perlu

rasa marah?

tak perlu

lebih tepat lagi

tak layak.

murka Allah itu lebih menakutkan.
yang pasti, setiap insan yang hadir dalam hidup kita pasti Allah hadirkan mereka bukan saja-saja.sama ada kita yang memberi atau yang paling penting kita yang belajar sesuatu dari mereka.

tak.saya tak salahkan sesiapa.tapi cuma
terima kasih

moga Allah ampuni dosa dosa saya yang sengaja atau tanpa saya sedari.Aameen