Either you believe or deny, in fact we are His slaves!


Bismillah.In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah li haza ni'mah.

 I had read those.Yes I did.And i know the writer didnt know and aware about it.

Once its happen.It will remains.Deep in my heart.Yes.Deeply its hurt but i must control my anger, my sense,my emotion to make sure it stable at that time.

Only Allah knows me well.no one else.

Im not sure why i felt so sad, down of course.Maybe it was from a creation called human, and specifically or virtually as friend.


Abah had been transferred to JB.And ummi still stay at Kedah.Too many things to settle down as una and adik will having their spm and pmr respectively.But im sure all will be fine InsyaAllah as my sister will be 1 or 2 months off so that she will accompany ummi at home and help anythings as there are many things to help on.haha.doing housechores is the most important issue.hehe.


Ucare works.Passport and visas things.
Alhamdulillah.All Praise to Allah as He reply upon my du'aa.To make sure that application process will be  smooth.Even though there are many weird things had occured.

There is a student who just submit his passport but he already were in the list who have got gawazat's number.How come meh?

As expected, there is also a student who didnt bring their old passport together and of course it was the most crucial thing needed in the process as visa stamp were there.Unfortunately he/she had missed their old's one...

The number of passports being submit didnt match with the list recorded.And how on earth i can find those 3 passports extras being submitted to uni? Do we need to search for those 3 among other 1 thousands passports? Its impossible and we will never have time to do it as well.Not being selfish but we only have 1 day off which is on Friday only.Allah..

As i had finished perform my solah.Im thinking of those problems , oh i mean weird yet funny problems that we need to face on.It was just like one after another.Once you solved this, the next one will come out..

Deep in my soft fragile heart, im always asking myself. What i had done? Do Im the one who doing ma'siah/guilty to The Most Merciful?

Tears comes down.
Dry heart become swelling.
Swollen with 'feeling of regret' insides.

Am I being one of the reasons?
Seriously i need to cry.


I dont know, whether yes or no.

My brain will think against what i had feel and contradict to what my mouth spill out.

I will let the time decide.


Above all, happy birthday to me!
25th of Dec
4 months passed and still counting insyaAllah.


Im satisfied with practical and mcq end of module exam last few days.
Eventhough there is some problem occured during our presentation day.

I leave the rest to Allah.insyaAllah.may Allah give me the best outcome.ameen.


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