Wise words

The door open.

She went in anxiously.And sat there.


"Yes ? " the doctor asked.

She is still there and keep smiling.

"Oh..erm actually i do have this (pointing to the skin)"

"Oh,,this one..ok, can you lying down there, i will call my staff"


After being examined, she keep smiling.

Till the doctor expression like " what? why?"

The he said " oh,you can sit"

After the not so long explanation, he ask " Where are you working at? "

heee..."im studying.."

"oh where are you studying at? " changing his question.

" .......(it secret btw :p) "


" oh..good, you are clever girl....clever girl " said the doctor.

"Thank you Datuk Dr " and

she keep smiling --"


@kirah hahaha, de taktau pun ana study apa..ana cuma ckp study dekat sekiansekian..doc tu mcm atuk2 hehe
Nadia Izzati said…
Zie memang speaking dengan datuk dr tu ka? Wow! Hehehehe
Heheh aah. Sbb he is indian doctor kot nadia

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