Your sister is your first friend. 

No one will ever understand your family like she does. 

Even if you don't get together or talk as much as you'd like,

she'll always remain your friend. 

Your sister will hold your hand for a little while, 

but hold your heart for a lifetime. 

It's "National Best Sister Week" 

- Copy & paste if you have a sister that you love with all your heart! ♥

I do have one.The only one.


p/s: cakap banyak salah banyak.
gelak banyak nangis banyak.
diam itu bagus.
malas cakap banyak.
im tired to make others happy as well.
saya mmg suka make others gelak mengilai tak ingat dunia,
but sometimes what im saying is not a JOKE!

mood: do not disturb.


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