Changing,aint easy.

I am glad to see my friends taking their steps, trying hard and keep standing.Despite other factors that makes them in the same position,stagnant..Everyone do change. Good one may sometimes change,either being more better or "turnback" unconsciously..Our Imaan will increase and decrease.The one remains stable, the angels.

Dissapointed.This is what i will feel after doing wrong things..and because of this feeling, i am sure i have commit a sin and i need, or in exact, i must repent to Allah..Chance.Allah always give us the chance to find a way back to His right track.It depending on us to take it or leave it..If you choose to take other tracks,you will find the way to walk upon, but you will never find the final destination, which the palace that every Muslims find their Creator.

I know, if we struggle and aiming to be better than before, Allah will give us obstacles.Clearly, He want to test you .Did you really determine with what you expect you want to be? Given a small test, we act like it will be end of our life.Back to past two to three years , i  keep asking.Why , why and why.Now, at this moment, inshaAllah i am deeply knew the hidden sweet stories that Allah kept for me and of course all of us.

Be grateful, for what had happened, and what will happen in the future.Everytime when knowing we had done a mistake, be grateful.Alhamdulillah.We still have that good sense to detect any black dot that start to grow in our "heart".A.S.A.P do clear it and stop their growth by diminishing "their" basic needs.

And here some story that i want to share.

"Salam.dear, percentage of miserable is too high.I cant withstand it..T.T, feeling of uneasy etc.."


"Wassalam..Hey, chill..What makes you feel all those things? Do find the FIRST or root of that "feeling problems".So then you will eliminate the first cause at the first place.InshaAllah..:) "

(for sure the messages in malay language XD)

That simple sentence makes me think and already have the answer to solve the problems.

Good,better, muslimah,muslim.Sensitive words?
Do throw away your ego.
Being like them,does not harm you at all.
Unless you being an extreme one.
But hey! Fastabiqul khairat (struggling doing ibadah to Him,to please Him)

Keep praying for Syrian,Palestinian and Egyptian !

p/s: im not sure what the feeling should be inside when i had given extra topics for they are:

asthma and COPD
asthma and rhinosinusitis
asthma and pregnancy
asthma and hypertension
asthma and autoimmune urticaria.

doing the 1st and 2nd topics makes my written assignment ,10 pages and the doctor commented it doesnt enough.FULLSTOP.
do pray a lot for me.thanks! :)


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