Jubah, Make up, Mesir, Raya, Makan ABC

Wanna share this video.
Made by MeGi (collaboration of medic-gigi/dentist) team alex.

Some background details, they are second year students, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Alexandria University,Egypt.Which means most of them are 20 and 21 y.o..More details? Ehem.

I'm sharing this not to increase the rating hit, but we can share the beneficial things together rite?

Warning: You will fall in love with their cuteness.I know that! 

Issue rai makan abc jugak yang hot kt komen.ahaha.
eh, orang left-handed memang makan kalau guna sudu tangan kiri lah.kalau makan guna tangan memang la tangan kanan..#emo ahaha


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