Mirror hehehe

In everyday life,
You are a husband and sometime as a ‘wife’;
Not having enough rest,
Little yet quality time we’d spent, but I’m still feeling blessed.

Searching for cloth, laying back and wear socks,
Bringing back memories of childhood rock;
He told me to look good and walk the talk,
Being muslimah, same as vaccine Sabin Salk.

Standing in front of the mirror,
Looking at the other half me;
Reflections of face and behavior,
Yes, a complete figure of him inside me !

Completing my English homework,
Because he was good at drawing;
I knew I couldn't be in engineering work,
But I will make him proud as I’m a ‘Human Loving’.

Once having a car accident, my leg couldn't  be straighten,
Searching for even ‘tok urut’ besides modern;
Honestly I’m scared and cried out loud while he did not even start,
Abah willingly took me home and let others to do the part.

Addressing people’s name before you click the sms-button-send,
Even they are your cool or best friend ;
Either to say hi or asking for a ‘hand’,
He said “ Show some respect will keep you humble in this land”.

Your personality that I adore,
Your love that will grow more,
I ask The Lord to grant you His highest heaven. Ameen Ya Rabbal’alamin.

For the irreplaceable dad that I had never thought to be with, Happy Abah’s Day!:)

Grammar ke laut, pastu tak rhyme langsung...kahkahkah..ni kalau sir baca confirm nanges tak ngaku anak murid..Poem ekspress brapa minit siap limited edition versi pantun.Kalau sesiapa nak memberi kutukan akan struktur poem ni ahlan sbb ana mmg tak pandai buat pun.HAHA

Bila sebut exam,semua jadi bipolar disorder sekejap stress sekejap senyap sekejap makan banyak sekejap tak lapar langsung sekejap ehhhh.haha.

Allahumma solli 'ala Muhammad.


Assalamualaikum zihah yg comel..
Subhanallah..tersentuh baca poem ni..
buat exam elok2 ye.
uhibbuki fillah.
wslm, syukran nabilah ! Doakan ! :) Ada rezeki raya sesama nanti.inshaAllah

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