Everyone will be surrounded by friends in their entire life. Some are good and some are best; the one who is dearest to our heart. If anyone asks me, can I describe each of them, yes I do. However the lengthy explanation will only take one percent out of hundred. There are lots more gems and beautiful characters that I cannot put them into words. Each will be remembered differently :)

My dear friend,
We have been meeting since years ago. Most famous junior with your outspoken personality. Yeah, among boys too. By being forthright, it wasn't a norm back then. (especially girls :p).
Sepanjang perkenalan, lembut tutur katanya, sangat berhati hati memilih perkataan ketika menegur that what you are doing is wrong so that it wont hurts you. Memberi nasihat ketika diminta, comforting me with soothing words when i need it most. May Allah repay your good deeds.
She gave me Quran as my birthday gift during my SPM years.Someone else got it too.Moga pahala tiap kali saya membacanya will somehow been shared too, katanya. Allahumma ameen.

Did you remember, 'Thank you' by 2PM?

May Allah shower you and your family with His blessings.
Inni uhibbuki fillah.


(i don't know when will you read this, if you did, check through your sent email dated in 2011. I wish the same as what had written. chungmal kamsa :) )


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